Children and Youth

Godly Play.

Historically, before the pandemic, we offer the "Godly Play" curriculum which is a very interactive, creative and engaging way of engaging people of any age in the stories and narratives of the Bible.  Storytellers tell a particular bible story, and participants are invited to respond with a time of reflection.  The bible stories told follow the liturgical calendar and the time together is intentionally designed to reflect the structure of worship.

Our ministry with children and youth is as much about the parents as it is their children.  Church life provides a structure of support in times of crisis or transition. 

We invite you to connect with the Diocese of Niagara "Anglican Family Hub" on Facebook for some resources during the pandemic. 



St. John's is connected to a residential addiction rehabilitation centre for youth based in Elora called PORTAGE.  We offer weekly Bible Studies online for the residents and for those who are interested. We also invite Portage students to participate and take on leadership roles in the Sunday liturgies.  We provide training to participate in our Sunday liturgies as acolytes and servers.  


Children and Youth Choir.

Singing is really important to us as human beings, and we want to foster singing early in life. While children's choirs are presently suspended during COVID we are looking for a new director for the children's choir.  It is a wonderful opportunity to teach children about music and help them develop in self confidence.